Thursday, July 21, 2016

Otago Optics Chapter: Capture Science 2016- Earth Space and Weather

I was involved in judging this photography competition - a hard the task as many clever people are capturing interesting and dramatic images of earth, space and science. Part of the judging criteria was the scientific explanation behind the photograph - these statements certainly expanded my knowledge. We unfortunately did not have enough prizes to honour all so we put a lot of focus on encouraging young photographers/scientists.

"It is a little cloudy. The water comes from the rain. The rain comes from the cloud. I see the cloud in the puddle. It is a water cycle, recycling." Katiya age 6. 

 Two works that have stayed with me after the exhibition are the Weather Cock by Sharon Cook and A Sun In Love by Eyal Schwartz.  Check them and other great shots out for yourself at

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