Monday, February 25, 2013


I am often asked to teach Solar printmaking but only do so is your chance!

Hosted by the Caselberg Charitable Trust  (proceeds to the Trust)

When:           SUNDAY 17TH MARCH 2013
Time:            10.00am - 5:00 pm

Venue:               Art Workshops Studio, Broad Bay, Dunedin  
Park & Meet:   9.30am.  7, Frances Street, Broad Bay

Cost:          $120.00  ($100.00 for Caselberg Trust members)
                      *Plus materials cost, see below*
                      (bring own lunch – morning and afternoon tea provided)

Printmaking with the sun will introduce and advance participants in using solar or photopolymer plate printing. Both emboss and double exposure intaglio processes will be explored. Solar plate printing is relatively low toxicity and the techniques learnt on this course can be continued in the home environment. 
This one day intensive workshop is suitable for beginners to advanced printmakers and may also appeal to artists working in other media who are interested in extending their current art practice through the graphic surprise of printmaking.   While the process of printmaking allows the production of multiples or a series, people attending this workshop will be focusing on process, exploring possibilities and producing a range of results. There will be oil based and AKUA (soy based) inks available for you to try.

While the essentials will be provided it is recommended that along with your enthusiasm you bring:

 MOST IMPORTANT: bring some images, drawings, photos, text etc already printed out on transparent film or mylar.  This can be done on the computer or a photocopier. Have different ‘things’ copied ready so you can select what to expose onto the solar plate on the day.  Amongst the variety have something that is a tonal image (like a photograph) and something that is graphic (like text).  The graphic image below is also shown in inverse – if you want to create a stamp like plate print out both the positive and inverse – it gives you more options. (This only works for graphic images, don’t bother inverting your tonal images) The size of our plates is small A7 105 x 74 mm so think about working within that proportion.  You could scale your imagery to slightly smaller than this size to allow a clean plate edge or you could work edge to edge like I do!

  • a ‘failed’ plate – this may be a solar plate or a metal or cardboard one, or if you have nothing just bring along a piece of flat cardboard. Any size.
  • any papers you would like to experiment printing on – such as flax paper
  • a couple of bits of solid cardboard (about A4 size to take your prints away in)
  • visual diary for jotting down notes. Optional - a camera is a handy way to record too.
  • gloves (I like using the doctor and nurses ones from the supermarket)
  • apron
  • pencil case/scissors, any of your favourite printmaking tools etc
  • extra solar plate if you have some that you want to work with

*Materials kit - $20 (payable on the day to Lynn to cover materials costs)
Photopolymer (solar) plate 2 x A7 size each person (105 x 74 mm)
Paper for printing on


Name: __________________________

Address: ________________________


Email: ___________________________   Phone:___________________

Fee:     $120.00 ($100.00 for Caselberg Trust members)
        Please make cheques payable to Anna & John Caselberg  
        Charitable Trust
        (nb materials cost payable on the day to Lynn as above*)
Confirmation of place on workshop will be sent on receipt of payment
        (Minimum numbers apply)
        Please note: Places are limited for the workshop, so please book early               to secure your place
1.  Email Leslie Turner to check there is a space

   2.  Send cheque $120.00 ($100 for Caselberg members) to:
  Leslie Turner, 58 Spotiswoode Street, Andersons Bay, Dunedin

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Art Journalling

I made my friend Kat a small sized journal so she could carry it with her and do her art journalling while she is out and about attending to her busy life. Because I can't help but interfere and because I wanted to make the journal personalised to Kat I had added some details to a few pages - a stamp, a few stitches etc. And wow, while I am still sharpening my pencils in readiness for new art making Kat has been applying the creative magic - she has just updated her blog with some delicious entries....