Monday, March 12, 2012

Hearts in Crafts television programme - Channel 7

binding in the shipping container

looking into the shipping container

more stitching

Tamsin removing her book from the press

some of Gill's lovely papers
Julie gluing on a cover

Gelatine prints by Joel and book by Petra - we used some double sided adhesive on some of this silk fabric as the glue soaked through too much 

I was thrilled to be invited to be filmed teaching a bookbinding class for the upcoming hearts in Crafts television programme. I rallied together a class, swept out the workshop, cleaned some of the spiders webs off the windows, threw bark chips over weeds and was ready to welcome Tamsin Cooper - the presenter who also took part in the class. Everything went perfectly except the weather - yes sunny sunny two days either side but on Sunday it rained and visibility was low, so no nice shots of our beautiful view! It was an amazing experience to be part of this - a whole days filming yet only a few minutes will be on the telly. Also some tasks had to be repeated (like sawing the holes in the pages) so the camera could get shots from different angles. Sometimes my interview answers were a bit long so I had to shorten them down to a statement and had to do a retake when one of our chickens announced she had laid an egg - and drowned me out! Little time was left for the gelatine printing - shame, as the plate was working perfectly. Thanks to my daughter Petra and her friend Lisa we had some lovely food to enjoy.