Thursday, June 30, 2011

Room 5 St Joseph's School Takapuna Auckland

Awesome thank you card and marvelous monsters on mass!

Artists Study poster by Milly

Questions and artists study by Raewen
Artists study by Ella
Gorgeous monsters by Thomas A and Luke

Room 5 at St Joseph's school in Auckland did an artists study one me - they looked at my work on Facebook and sent me insightful questions. How amazed was I to receive  a wonderful thank you from them. What talented artists and thanks to their teacher Kathryn Halverson-France for facilitating such a great project and response.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

more laser cutting results

Ashley's books - printing with hand cut stencils

Danielle's cameo translated into fabric

Perspex plate with inked lines, paper cup - Olivia

Printed, real and laser cut leaves - Richard's lamp 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Laser cutting developments

Lauren is making shoes and playing with material qualities - overprinting lace onto hessian etc.

Rakel - a fashion design student - is imaging Icelandic language as cross stitch on paper, fabric and perspex.

Olivia is printing cups and saucers - because the viscosity of the ink was thick and the plate line deep a very raised ink line was printed - exciting!  
It is so exciting seeing the student projects develop - all have written their own project briefs and are working in a multitude of ways.  The laser cutting plates are proving to be really effective with line intaglio and even cardboard is printing beautifully.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

laser cutting trials

Ashley's lion - etched perspex looking good with a faint residue of ink.

Danielle's acrylic piece (white) and shadow (black) - inspired by a cameo brooch

Trial: horse with Forbury Park map etched into the surface, then some etching ink to achieve a look similar to scrimshaw

Thursday, June 9, 2011

laser cut plates

cardboard cut on the laser cutter, trimming before printing

relief - inked roll up - work by design student Finn
emboss print made from a found plate - the negative offcut of someone's butterflies

Some exciting results emerging from experiments with printing laser cut plates - particularly good for embossing and relief prints. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

laser cutter

I am co-teaching an elective at Design School, Otago Polytechnic -  'exploring intaglio'. The plan is to interface printmaking with laser cut plates. It will be exciting to see what happens - we are pretty sure we can get good results with blind embossing - but what will inking up produce? 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gelatine Printing Workshop in Napier

fabulous working space at the Woolshed Studio

acrylic paint plus gel rolled out on glass and peeling off a print

experiments with positive and negative printing and overlay

direct leaf print - amazing detail

metallic paint on black paper
Thanks to Kathy Boyle of Napier I had lots of fun teaching gelatine printing in her 'Woolshed Studio'. Ten printmakers rolled up their sleeves, rolled out amazing colours and worked hard for four hours - only to be interrupted by delicious soup and cake! We printed with acrylic paints and heat set textile inks using plant/found object and stencil techniques. The emphasis was on experimentation and trying out different paper substrates and the atmosphere was playful yet intense - I love the way this fast process stimulates thinking and acts as a springboard for future work.  Some of the resulting works created are ideal for backgrounds, collage and book pages and other prints just need a matt board and frame before hanging on the wall.