Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reclaiming Book Pages

I got inspired by a pin by Janina on Pinterest which links to her blog -  Yes!  Altering the pages of old National Geographics. 

 Scoring magazines was the easy part - plenty in N.Z op shops. However I could not find a stockist for  Citrasolve. I tried Desolve it, also a citrus based cleaner, but it was not strong enough. I could not stop there so Googled and found another citrus based product d-Limonene.
selection of altered pages

 Sometimes small 
areas of text show through.

Ordered it, tried it - found it really hard to wait the 30 minutes for the reaction to process and I could not find a sponge brush. Some success though - but on my trial ones I  found the intensity of the marbling and colour a bit full on for my intent. Instead I came up with this method which appeals to me greatly - the pages create beautiful backgrounds which will work well interleaved into pages of a tactile sketchbook.It was an enjoyable process to do - creating a process sense of under erasure/ the palimpsest

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Autumn Arts School

I'm teaching a mixed media class....but there are many other courses if that is not your thing and you want to be in Wanaka at a stunning time of year.

Lynn Taylor - Wanaka Textures, a print commissioned as a wedding gift.