Sunday, October 19, 2014

5 hole Pamphlet stitch Mini Journals

I took two one day workshops to accompany the Poems In The Waiting Room exhibition 'A Palette of Poetry'.

Book/print classes take a lot pf preparation and on this occasion I was happy to have Vivienne, one of the participants, come out to my house a night or two prior to the class and gesso over many book pages. These pages were then dry and ready to be reclaimed into found poems. In an added bonus Vivienne  introduced us to the erasure poems of Mary Ruefle, perfect! . Thank you Vivienne! Other pages were covered in gesso and used as base pages to assemble poems and print on.

Everyone made their own 'words' and images out of solar plate - the UV bulb was running hot both days. These were printed on an etching press - something visitors to the gallery enjoyed seeing in action. Towards the end of the class we sewed up selected pages into small 5 hole pamphlet stitch books - this is simple bookbinding but effective for holding about ten pages together. One of the delights of bookbinding for me is seeing the way new readings are created when different pages juxtapose and everyone did a fantastic job of selecting, editing and arranging pages to maximise this.

Just the best - a table full of 'stuff'.

Briar did these beautiful poetic pages with gesso and shellac.

Enough writing - the photos tell the real story.

Some pages were so delicious they were  kept as full
sheets rather than folded into a book.

Individual themes quickly emerged

I photographed this upside down - but a good design looks good
from any angle.

Gill made and printed a map of her hometown.

Covers - embossed cardboard and ink - love them!
Covers made from  old books or painted cardboard. Since I
only had blue buckram (book cloth) I painted some with acrylic
 test pots to have a more interesting colour range.