Wednesday, February 29, 2012

art journaling

Yesterday I had a fun afternoon with Kat - making pages by recycling old music/encyclopedia pages by coating them with gesso and then paint and scribbles/crayon...these will later be bound into books, interspersed with plain pages. (nothing like a tactile book I say) You can see more photos and the delicious food Kat treated me with on her blog

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Printmaking session

Each year I take a printmaking session with Welfare Staff at St Margaret's College, Otago University, as part of my role as a Fellow there. It is an exciting experience as the staff are training in areas other than fine arts - they are our future Lawyers, Doctors,Dentists, Musicians etc. They approach printmaking in an open manner that is often hard for an artist to achieve, because of the double edged sword:the more we learn about a process the more binding 'rules' we (sometimes  inadvertently) take on board.  One aim of the session was to work towards making a collective print of the participants faces and I found working with them and taking on board their suggestions and results from experimenting very liberating. We tried printing over old dictionary pages (here is Hannah) - and loved the result - so this will be a strong element in the final work. Images of the individual prints can be seen on my Facebook Artists page.