Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Art and Science - IceFest

As a development from the frottage table top I made for the Art and Anatomy project I was asked to make relief plates that could be used as an educational tool in the NZ IceFest.  http://nzicefest.co.nz/ Students provided drawings of sea creatures and together Dr Jenny Rock and I translated these onto transparency film and processed them in solarplate.

Drawing of krill by one of the students that was made into a frottage plate

These screenshots and the video link give a glimpse of the texture rubbing action (around 3:10).  https://vimeo.com/107350792  

Today I was delighted to receive an email from Jenny with an extract from the thesis of Lydia, one of students involved - seems the activity was a great success.  "This meant that visitors could create a picture to take away with them. The rubbings were aimed at kids (under 12), however they were popular with many people older than this too. We estimate that around 95% of children who entered the exhibition created a rubbing. Over the 16 days the exhibition was open, about 3600 rubbings were made (this number was estimated because two 180m rolls of newsprint were used, with each metre producing approximately nine pieces of paper when cut up). "

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