Friday, August 5, 2011

Matiu Island

I have been invited to be part of an art research trip to Matiu (or Somes) Island in Wellington Harbour next March - with a view to participating artists making work for a September exhibition. Exciting! 
Does anyone have  any resources on this location? (So far I have sourced some envelopes from the island on a stamp collecting site - but prices are out of my reach.) 
Some interesting history - the island has served as a human and animal quarantine, an internment camp and a military defence position and then there is the sad tale of neighbouring Leper Island.


  1. oohhh I think Phili shouted dad there for a day trip or she was going to....I shall find out...coool right up your alley(so to speak)

  2. Oh yes - that could be a good source! Thanks.

  3. Exciting! Sounds brilliant.... do keep feeding us snippets of what you're up to.