Friday, March 11, 2011

new project

A new project is in the pipeline, here is a teaser image until it gets underway! But you can help! If you have any tales (historical or contemporary)of St Kilda, Dunedin, please leave them as comments.


  1. Scalpay Linen's John Finlay Ferguson - weaver and husband of Sheila Roderick - has family links with St Kilda.

    Great to hear you've linked up with Deirdre!! She's featured in our log book....can't remember which day, but its the one where I attempt to make a string vest for William Young!

  2. I used to hang there when I was teenager oh the stories I could tell...maybe not what you're looking for?
    Any space to be photograhed this week ms taylor..your week is looking full

  3. Kat I am sure I would like to hear those stories!! yes please! This week I only seem to have Fri morning free and I may be a bit exhausted after marking an exam and doing the seminar, eek. What about Monday 21st?

  4. MONDAY 21ST sounds great..Gary home from Chemo on Sunday this time,but he will be ok to leave for a while on monday...look forward to it..send me a time..thank you for your gorgeous supportive comments

  5. Hey Lynn
    Good luck for tomorrow. I am hoping to make it but will see how things go.xxKAT