Thursday, June 30, 2011

Room 5 St Joseph's School Takapuna Auckland

Awesome thank you card and marvelous monsters on mass!

Artists Study poster by Milly

Questions and artists study by Raewen
Artists study by Ella
Gorgeous monsters by Thomas A and Luke

Room 5 at St Joseph's school in Auckland did an artists study one me - they looked at my work on Facebook and sent me insightful questions. How amazed was I to receive  a wonderful thank you from them. What talented artists and thanks to their teacher Kathryn Halverson-France for facilitating such a great project and response.


  1. that is so cool!!! those little monsters look just like your ones..clever children and teacher.How fun!!!

  2. the way you work is perfect for artist modelling ..I was thinking of my fifth form year and I looked to sylvia siddell because she drew alot of dishes and detrius...your work is so juicy and interesting ...Heaps to maintain kids interest with those of open portholes for discussion.I bet that teacher was pleased to find you.

  3. Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing, Lynn! I enjoyed the visit.