Friday, July 22, 2011

Last chance to see Westland exhibition - ends July 31st

What a wonderful journey, then in 1879 and now!  This exhibition has been on tour since 2009 when it opened in Caithness Horizons, Scotland with a parallel exhibition at the Anchorage Art Gallery in New Zealand the same month. Now in An Talla Solais, Ullapool, this is the last venue.  This is what Mandy Haggith had to say about it:

"...I particularly enjoyed the layer upon layer of history and response in Joanne and Lynn’s work. A story from the ship unravels through a string horse and five bottles of whisky. Three aprons (one to protect a dress, the next to protect the first apron, and a third, made out of sacking, to protect the other two) emerge from Lynn’s log book and are given physical form by Joanne. Seeing such an integrated body of work it is incredible to discover that the two artists have never actually met..." Click here to read her review in full.

Lynn Taylor - cyanotypes and logbook
 This project is fully documented on Joanne B Kaar's blog

Joanne B Kaar - string/rope twined from natural fibres
I'll give the last few words to George Gunn  "This is art with a purpose and it is rare.."   an extract from his review, to read it in full click here.  

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