Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Paper St Kilda

Artist Deirdre Nelson has arrived in Dunedin and while resident in the Caselberg House is busy researching her St Kilda project which highlights contemporary St Kildans of Scotland, New Zealand and Australia.  You can find the latest on her project here - The Kildas

Last week I was in Wellington and made my way to National Archives to see what paper records I could find. Since I like looking back at the past I was not disappointed and learnt some interesting new things. I had not known about the Bird Islands off St Kilda or that there are some rocks off the coast of Kaikoura also named St Kilda. Next stop is the Hocken Library this Saturday.

Lovely stamps

St Kilda Post Office blueprints

St Kilda Rocks off the East Coast of the South Island, near Kaikoura

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Palette of Poetry

Not till October...but I will be taking print and book workshops as part of the Palette of Poetry exhibition. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 art classes - Solar Plate and Bookbinding

I have another opportunity to teach two art workshops @ Solander Gallery, Wellington, at the end of March,
 so planning and preparation for these is underway now. 

DIY solar plate and prints

Sunday March 30th is looking at new and DIY solar plate technologies. Monday March 31st is book arts, 
which includes reclaiming materials from old books, making a mini art journal and book making using 
cross structure binding.  
If  the sample works in the photos appeal to you sign up and create your own!
Cost per participant (for one day course) = $145.00 
Deposit required to secure booking = $70.00
Enrollments taken through  Solander Works on Paper Ltd    info@solandergallery.co.nz

mini art journals using reclaimed materials and working proofs
Cross structure binding, handpainted covers with Indian ink

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Zealand Printmakers: Proof Makers, 21Oct-13Dec, Hamilton

New Zealand Printmakers: Proof Makers, 21Oct-13Dec, Hamilton: Proof Makers , an exhibition of 9 contemporary NZ Printmakers, will be open to the public from Monday 21 October to Friday 13 December 2...