Monday, June 20, 2011

Laser cutting developments

Lauren is making shoes and playing with material qualities - overprinting lace onto hessian etc.

Rakel - a fashion design student - is imaging Icelandic language as cross stitch on paper, fabric and perspex.

Olivia is printing cups and saucers - because the viscosity of the ink was thick and the plate line deep a very raised ink line was printed - exciting!  
It is so exciting seeing the student projects develop - all have written their own project briefs and are working in a multitude of ways.  The laser cutting plates are proving to be really effective with line intaglio and even cardboard is printing beautifully.  


  1. inspiring!!!! I am studying and resourcing (a fancy way of saying sorting and tidying) at moment and it is so cool to see actual work being done and it is so good too, clever students and fortunate having you..teach me lynn!

  2. These design students blow me away with how much they produce and the way they work critically - evolving their projects and yet still able to take risks and try new things. It has been a great 3 weeks - tomorrow is the crit - looking forward to it and will post some more pics of their work up on display.

  3. look forward to it!
    I like the sparrow suggestion they are everywhere,,we dropped the pudding keep name as it was Annies and she still uses it as an email address,so dont really feel like it belongs to us, althou still havnt sorted the letter box