Tuesday, June 7, 2011

laser cutter

I am co-teaching an elective at Design School, Otago Polytechnic -  'exploring intaglio'. The plan is to interface printmaking with laser cut plates. It will be exciting to see what happens - we are pretty sure we can get good results with blind embossing - but what will inking up produce? 


  1. Oh, that's a cool idea! I'm jealous that you have a laser cutter, as that would be fun experiment! I'm looking forward to seeing images of the results :)

  2. What material are you using to make the plates?
    I've had quite good embossing and relief block prints from found/pre-cut plastic shapes, and also with MDF (I usually recommend students seal the MDF with urethane so it doesn't absorb ink or moisture).
    Are you using a letterpress or a monotype press to print/emboss? If the plate is more than 1-2mm thick you might want to consider making a 'frame' for the pieces so the press doesn't move around or edges cut into the paper.
    Hope you have fun :)

  3. Hey great advice thank you - yes, I think we might need to have to make frames for the plates - the press is getting a big workout.
    Day one - just using cardboard (NCEA board) because it cuts quickly - then we experimented with embossing and inking up with one colour. Normally I would seal a cardboard plate, as you mention, but since these were just experimental and establishing the idea of linking lines in a stencil we blasted ahead. To prevent the burn maks showing we covered the plates in a layer of gladwrap.