Tuesday, January 10, 2012

St Kilda resources

Well, I'm looking forward to hearing Kat's stories of her youth in the St Kilda/St Clair area! 

In the meantime I have sourced some books and found in one of them a fantastic photo of tweed which was produced in St Kilda, Scotland. I am collecting old blankets from the St Kilda Dunedin second hand shops for the project, as they speak of the suburban history of the area, here they are - rolled up in the same manner as the tweed was in the photo.


  1. Do Get in touch with Sheila Roderick and her husband John Finlay Ferguson (Scalpay linen). John Finlay's family are from St Kilda. http://www.scalpaylinen.com/

  2. haha I dont think they will be publishable! looking good lynn!