Saturday, December 31, 2011

Caselberg Retreat down the Bay Resident 21st-28th January 2012

Today's walk along the breezy John Wilson Drive marks the start of building research for an upcoming residency and project.  I saw bees, marshmallow flowers, seagulls, dogs, cyclists and seaweed strewn like calligraphy as I hurried against the weather coming in.  I especially liked the weathered road markings.

Lynn Taylor, Artist, Caselberg Retreat down the Bay Resident 21st-28th January 2012
Lynn will be beginning a new project based  around St Kilda in Dunedin and will focus the week on  working with a recipe book that was published in the St  Kilda community some years ago.  The St Kilda project  concept has been instigated by UK artist Deirdre Nelson ( who is proposing to  investigate and respond to St Kilda's in Scotland, Dunedin and Melbourne. Author Christos Tsiolkas ( is the Melbourne link and sometime in 2012 Deidre hopes  to travel to visit both locations and see where working collaboratively takes the creative output.  Lynn very much hopes  that people from the public with stories or photos about St Kilda could come and share them with her through the  residency.

SATURDAY 28TH JANUARY 2012 (open to members of the public)
11.00am – 3.00pm
Lynn Taylor will have the results of the weeks residency on display as well as  some of the book samples which will also be shown at the book binding workshop the following day... there will be an etching press set up  (outside in the garden if a sunny day) and some inks and  paper etc available so people can come and have a go at making a print (free)

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  1. how exciting, looking forward to this..I love the bees bum! I will start stalking you again too....pleased you are a stalker..I have been a bit quiet,but its nice..we have been chilling in the sun,,haha.And yes to tea..Awesome photos chick I have despotic stories of youth growing up around the area