Monday, November 7, 2011

Shopping in Weavers Alley, Ankara

Chris presenting at Ankara University, Turkey alongside translator İbrahim Pür

My favourite student art work at the University
Chris and I travelled to Ankara University, Turkey to present his paper which included aspects of the lazer /print class we co-taught. I managed to squeeze some shopping in (of course) and was amazed at the amount of stock everywhere: piles of wool, scarves, clothing and sparkly fluffy stuff. I purchased a bit of lace fabric for my daughter, only to find out later it is curtain fabric! Looking back at some of my photos I wish I could pluck things out and buy them but at the time I got pretty overwhelmed with the variety and volume and then there is the problem of having to make a decision on the spot!

Shop frontage
hard to make a choice when there is so much!
I also liked these spoons


  1. Great pictures I liked the zips they are so wriggly..they look they water spilling over.I have been trying to email you? last few have been returned??are you getting other mail?? Basically really pleased youre good to catch after this week as finishing my study and I sent you some silly cat of course much more eloquently written.

  2. Hey the email didn't work again..weird..anyway this is what I wrote in reply
    yeah good on
    I have to keep telling myself that when I hit the panic button..its a =
    big red coloured button on my forehead
    looking forward to some gobble gobble turkey gossip..tell chris he =
    looked very handsome in the picture..(did you swoon?)
    ps i have an idea to share with you for next year..but it is voluntary =
    andoptional and occasional but you will like it..will fill you in next =

  3. Thanks for sharing. You need to come around and we can compare curls. We could get a gollywog for a prize.