Monday, February 29, 2016

Images from Postcards to the Peninsula + Our Island

All welcome! Citizen Sci Art.
Our Island - the travelling show-
 art work by Stewart Islanders 

'Our Island' art work was very much admired.

Frottage, rubbing over printing plates

Drawing thaumatrope imagery
 - guided by team member Ali Rogers
                    Thaumatrope making

Thaumatrope making on the stage and postcard printing
going down alongside the Stewart Islanders Exhibition

Anticipation at the press bed.

Postcards were curated to chew card size.
Love how this print mimics her top and she did too.

A fantastic response from the community.
 Assisted here by The Sandpit Collective innovator and
team member Jenny Rock.

Cathy sharing info on rats and possums at the
Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group 'pledge' table.

Participants printed two postcards -
one to keep and one for a communal art work.
 Assisted here by team member Ellen Sima.
Making a pledge - recorded on the back of the prints

Reading messages and pledges

At the end of day one.

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