Friday, January 4, 2013

Bookbinding - Gelatine Print Covers

I thought this would be a quick project but like most projects there was a lot of fiddling! I made the covers by gelatine printing Clematis leaves on old Encyclopedia pages. (Ex Readers Digest - the pages print well as they are quite absorbent. Used one of my favourite colours for this process - green black.) Then I couldn't find end papers to match so handprinted a blue/green on French Arches Paper. (Again, not so quick because each book needs two end papers = 32 and both sides have to be printed = 64 times through the press + the experimenting to get the right look! I ended up using oil based ink) All stitched up with embroidery thread and French Link Stitch Binding , 12 signatures of 4 pages each, steel grey paper 80 gsm.  They are A5 size - I am happy that the local Warehouse Stationery slices a ream of paper in half for $2. I got them to trim a bound book too, but decided to keep the forecreep to retain the handmade feel. An edition of 16 - to be posted on Monday to The Little River Gallery, Banks Peninsula, for a shared exhibition titled 'Taylormade', opening soon!


  1. Jumped over from your comment on clothpaperscissors... beautiful work you've done! Going to explore your blog now.

  2. Thanks so much Amy Lou for visiting and leaving feedback, hope you found the other gelatine work.